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Best DIY Drone Kits for Beginners – Top 3 Picks

Best DIY Drone Kits For Beginners - Top 3 Picks

Drones are a fun and exciting hobby for many people. However, before you purchase your first drone, you should know what to look for and what to avoid.

First of all, there are different types of drones that serve different purposes. For example, some drones are made for aerial photography while others are made for racing.

Some people believe that the best beginner drone is one with a camera on it. However, this is not always true. You might want to consider the type of features that you need before making your purchase decision.

You should also think about what type of drone kit is right for you as well as how much money you want to spend on your first DIY drone kit purchase.

What is a DIY Drone Kit?

A DIY drone kit is a set of parts that are used to assemble a drone. These kits come with everything you require to build your own drone, usually including all the tools and spare parts you might need, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your new drone.

There are many different types of drones on the market, but they all have one thing in common: they require some assembly before they can be flown. This is where the DIY kits come in handy. With these kits, you can build your very own custom drone without having any prior experience or knowledge about drones. All you need is a little bit of spare time and some patience.

Top 3 Best DIY Drone Kits For Beginners

Below are my top 3 picks from my personal experience building drones from packaged DIY kits at home and testing them out. You can build a drone by ordering the parts separately, but from experience, if you are a beginner, the kits are a lot easier to build without the worry of missing items to buy.

#1 Pick – QWinOut F550 DIY Drone Kit

The QWinOut F550 is an unassembled drone kit designed for beginners to build their own drone and enjoy the experience of how drones are put together and ultimately….have fun flying it once it is ready to go!

The F550 drone is a great drone to fly and easy to assemble.

Best Pick QWinOut F550 DIY Drone Kit


  • Stong build
  • Excellent frame
  • Flies very well
  • Great flight controller
  • ESCs are already soldered to the board
  • Brushless motors
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t come with instructions, however, there are some very useful tutorials on YouTube for this DIY build and they are easy to follow along with
  • Poor landing gear. I found that the landing gear was made poorly, but doesn’t affect the flying of the drone

QWinOut F550 DIY Drone Assembly Guide


#2 Pick – Gilobaby Mini Drone DIY Kit

The Gilobaby mini drone is designed for kids and beginners with the function of headless mode, altitude hold, and one key take-off/landing. It is easy to control with simple operations.

The Gilobaby is equipped with a rechargeable battery which will provide a longer flight time that will give you an amazing flying experience!

Gilobaby Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 4 CM / 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 IN
  • Built-in Battery: 3.7V 350mAh Li-Po Battery
  • Flight Time: Around 5 miniutes
  • Charging Time: 40-60 Minutes
  • Control Range: 50 Metres / 164 Feet
  • Batteries required for the controller: 3 *AAA Batteries
  • 3 Speed Function

Gilobaby Mini Drone DIY Kit


  • Very easy and fun to build
  • Highly recommended for kids
  • Easy to fly
  • One key take-off, landing, and emergency stop function
  • Around 50 minute charge time
  • The battery charger will fit into any USB port
  • 3 speeds
  • Headless mode to make it easier to fly and control for beginners
  • Altitude hold
  • 3D flip function
  • Very affordable
  • Free 12-month warranty


  • Lightweight so will drift off with any slight wind. Recommend to fly this one indoors only
  • The drone doesn’t come with AAA batteries required to power the remote controller


#3 Pick – QWinOut F450 DIY Drone Kit

This QWinOut F450 frame is a great entry point into the world of drones. It’s got motor mounts in place already making it super simple to assemble.

I really liked the quality of the materials used and it gave me a lot of confidence to get this drone up and flying in the sky!

QWinOut F450 DIY Drone Kit


  • Sturdy build
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth to control
  • Brushless motors


  • Expensive
  • Hard to find a manual if you run into issues while building the drone

QWinOut F450 DIY Drone Assembly Guide

Not Sure What DIY Drone Kit to Buy?

If you are unsure of what DIY drone kit to buy, the QWinOut F550 outways all the other pros and cons of the other 2, however, the other 2 are great drones depending on your budget.

Unsure if You Want to Risk Building a Drone?

Building a drone can seem like it massive job and may scare you. They are easier to build than you may think, providing you have the correct tools and patience.

Other Alternatives to a Good Decent Beginner Drone

If you decide building a drone might be a bit too much for you, make sure you check out a post that I recently – What is The Best Starter Drone to Buy. These drones are amazing and surprisingly, cheaper than you may think.


Building drones from scratch can be a very exciting and educational experience that many drone enthusiasts enjoy, especially when you get to the stage where you launch your drone for the first time.

So these are my best DIY drone kits for beginners. I wanted to narrow it down to my top 3 picks so it is easier for you to make a decision, as it can be confusing when you are faced with a webpage full of kits that all look the same.

Feel free to make a comment with your experience below if you have or are planning on building a drone.

Happy droning!!

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