Mavic Mini Gimbal Stuck – Error 40002 Fix!

If you are anything like me, you probably ran into some bad luck and got the DJI Mavic Mini Gimbal Stuck Error 40002 and freaked out!! When it happened to me I couldn’t find anything online that would help me, so I decided to write a few quick tips to get your gimbal unstuck and flying in no time.

I remember when I bought my Mavic Mini, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to fly it for the first time. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t suitable to fly for a few days so I decided to check out the beginner tutorials to give me some helpful knowledge for my first flight and also updated any firmware for the drone.

Finally, the weather was suitable for my first flight. I was like a little nervous kid ready to have a lot of fun. I went to a big open field, got my drone out of its case, set it up, and was ready for take-off. Just before I took off the phone was displaying an error stating that the gimbal was stuck. That’s when I freaked out and thought that I had a faulty Mavic Mini. I wasn’t very happy.

Your issue may not be the same as mine so I have also included some other fixes that I have heard about since having gimbal issues myself. I hope one of these also works for you.

Mavic Mini gimbal stuck

How I Fixed My Stuck Mavic Mini Gimbal

I turned off the mini and with clean hands, I started to try and move the gimbal to see where it was stuck. I moved it up and down and that seemed fine, but I knew that it should move freely in all directions. That’s when I gently grabbed the gimbal and gave it a gentle pull and it was free! The shared video by Bryan Lyon below was similar to my situation.

I assumed that there must have been some dust or a bit of dirt that was causing it to be stuck? This is why it is very important that you put the gimbal protector cover back on before packing the drone away when you’re finished with it.

I haven’t had any issues with a stuck gimbal since doing the above. It was an easy fix for me and I hope it is for you!

Note: Once you have fixed your gimbal and it is no longer stuck, it is highly recommended to calibrate the gimbal on your Mavic Mini to ensure everything is working as it should.

If this doesn’t work, below are some other issues that may be making your gimbal get stuck.

The Gimbal Cover Can Cause Your Gimbal to Stick

Before you start up your aircraft make sure you take off the gimbal cover. Why? Because when the aircraft is powered on, the gimbal will do a quick startup check to ensure it is calibrated and moves freely. If your gimbal cover is still on, the gimbal can push against it and cause it to get stuck and come up with the 40002 gimbal stuck error code.

The Gimbal cover can cause the gimbal to get stuck if you start your drone with it still on

Use Compressed Air to Free up The Gimbal

Due to all the fine parts that operate the gimbal, it doesn’t take much dirt, sand, or fluff to create a seized gimbal, especially if you take off and land on the ground.

Use low-pressure air to see if you can blow out whatever is causing the issue. If you don’t have access to compressed air you can try blowing air yourself into the gimbal mount, just try not to get too much air on the camera itself as you don’t want to get condensation behind the lens. If you do, don’t worry as it will eventually dry out.

DJI Mavic Mini Gimbal Stuck – Try Silicone Oil

If the up/down part of the gimbal is stuck, try lubricating it with some silicone oil on a cotton bud. Just be careful you don’t use too much and make a mess or get it on the camera lens itself.

Soak a cotton bud with the silicone oil and gently apply it to either side of the gimbal mount. Wait patiently for a couple of hours and try to gently move the gimbal up and down to see if that has freed it up.

Contact DJI if You Can’t Get Your Gimbal Unstuck

If all else fails contact DJI as you may have a drone with a faulty gimbal. If your drone is under warranty or you have the DJI care refresh, DJI will either fix it at no cost or most likely send you a brand new drone at no cost to you.

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  1. The DJI Mini 2 I bought 2 weeks ago had a problem with the gimbal stuck after falling in the pool. Is the cover under warranty? I’m already Malaysia Authorised DJI & they told water crush not cover under warranty

  2. I bought the Air 2S and got this error my second flight. I updated firmware, but still had issues. Ending up returning and buying another one. Hopefully the second unit won’t have this issue too.


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