How to Charge DJI Mini SE Controller and Mavic Mini Controller

If you are anything like me, I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to charge the DJI Mini SE controller. I couldn’t really find anything online as to where to insert the charging cable. With some embarrassment, I asked my question on a drone Facebook page.

I was shocked at how many people had the same issue as me, I didn’t feel so silly after all. I thought I would write this quick post to help another fellow pilot out and show you how to charge Mavic mini controller.

Charging DJI Mavic Mini SE Controller

No matter if you are wanting to charge your DJI Mavic Mini Original or DJI Mavic Mini SE, this will be exactly the same procedure as they both use the same remote controller.

Charging the DJI Mini SE controller isn’t so difficult once you actually know where to insert the micro USB charging cable. DJI doesn’t make it clear anywhere how to charge the remote controller. Let’s hope in the future that they make this an easier and clear procedure.

There are a few ways to charge the remote as below.

Using the DJI-Provided Charger

Simply insert the micro USB cables plug into the upper left-hand side section that is used to connect the controller to your phone. This is the square USB OTG port (charging port), and yes I know it sounds strange, but this is where it goes.

Please be careful and make sure that you insert the micro USB cables plug into the charging port the right way up as you could damage the port if you try to insert it upside down. After plugging in the micro USB end then plug the USB end into the wall USB charger, plug it in, and turn it on, and this will charge the battery inside the remote.

How to chargeDJI mini SE controller - Mavic Mini controller charging port            Mavic Mini controller charging port

Connect the Remote to Your PC

You can use the supplied USB to Mirco USB and charge the DJI Mavic Mini remote controller through your PC or laptop. Just keep in mind that this will take longer to charge the battery than using the wall plug, but it certainly does work to get some charge into the controller.

Use the Mavic Mini 2 Way Charging Hub

Now if you bought yourself the ‘Fly More Combo’ package, you would have the 2-way charging hub that you charge the drone batteries with. You can simply plug the USB end of the cable into the charging hub and use the hub as a power bank. Once again, this will take longer than using the provided wall plug but is an excellent idea.

I once ran out of battery in my remote when I was out for a flight. I remembered about the charging hub and plugged the controller in for a while and I was back flying again instead of heading straight home.

Charging the DJI Mavic Mini remote controller using the battery charging hub

How Long to Charge Mavic Mini Controller

It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the Mavic Mini Controller using the DJI-provided 18W USB wall charger.

How to Know When Mavic Mini Controller is Charged

Your Mavic Mini controller is charged and ready to use when all 4 led lights are solid.

How to know when DJI Mavic Mini remote is charged

Mavic Mini Controller Battery Flight Time

The powerful 2600mAh battery will last for approximately 4.5 hours of flight time on an iOS device and approximately 1 hour 40 minutes of flight time on an android device.

You are probably wondering why such a big difference. This is because the remote controller actually charges your android device while connected. Some people find this frustrating as they are wasting a lot of the controller battery life to charge their device.

How to Stop Mavic Mini Controller From Charging Phone

There isn’t any way to stop the controller from charging your phone unless you root your android device which isn’t recommended.

The simple and easiest way to reduce the amount of battery your android device uses from your drone controller is to make sure that you fully charge your android device before flying. This way the Mini remote will still charge your phone or tablet, but won’t use much compared to flying with a device that is only half charged. Believe it or not, you can fly the Mavic Mini without a phone if your phone was to run out of battery.

How to Turn on Mavic Mini Controller

To turn on the Mavic Mini controller simply push the power button once on the remote controller, then immediately hold down the power button again until all of the led lights light up. You will also hear a sound coming from the controller once it has turned on.

How to Turn off Mavic Mini Controller

To turn off the Mavic Mini controller simply push the power button once, then immediately hold it down again until all of the led lights on the controller turn off. Basically, the same way that you turned it on as above. You will again hear a sound coming from the remote when it has powered off.

I hope this ‘How to Charge Mavic Mini Controller’ post helps you to get your remote controller charged and your drone in the air soon!

Happy droning!

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